Search Twitter like a pro. Use these search operators to find what you really want.

from:BillGates – All tweets sent by a particular Twitter user.

filter:verified cool OR amazing – Only show tweets from verified Twitter accounts (with the blue tick).

Taylor Swift since:2020-01-01 until:2020-01-31 – Tweets sent in a particular time range (may not work with Twitter APIs).

boston marathon filter:replies – Only show tweets that are replies. You can use exclude:replies to remove @reply tweets from search results.

boston marathon filter:retweets – Only show tweets that are retweets. You can use exclude:retweets to remove RTs from search results.

to:JoeBiden -filter:links – Tweets sent to @JoeBiden but not containing any links. min_faves:100 – Tweets containing YouTube videos that are favorited by at least 100 users.

oscars min_retweets:100 – Tweets that have been retweeted at least 100 times.

#foodrecipe lang:en – Tweets sent in particular language (en = English).

YouTube good OR amazing OR awesome filter:links – Tweets containing YouTube videos that are described as awesome or amazing.

#Emmys filter:images – Show tweets for a particular hashtag but containing images.

Coronavirus filter:news – Show only tweets that mention a keyword and contain links to news websites.

tornado filter:media – Show tornado tweets containing images or videos.

music concert filter:native_video – Show tweets that contain native video (uploaded inside tweet).